Week 3, Days 1 and 2 of 10K for Pink complete!

Yep, I completed two workouts back to back.

  • 5 minute walking warm up
  • 90 second run
  • 90 second walk
  • 3 minute run
  • 3 minute walk
  • 5 minute cool down

X 4!!

Go Me!

I know over-training is not that way to go. In this case, I am more advanced of a runner than this program has me at so I figured it was okay to push my limits!


How was everyone’s weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Me? 3 Buccos games! Those 1st place Bucs, how about that! I also visited the Steel City Pet Expo and took on some organization projects in my bathroom. I have a so many sample sized and full size items that I got for no cost or very low cost, but I feel like I always end up running to the store because I can’t be bothered looking through my messy drawers for what I need. Mission get organized is definitely in full-force! How do you stay organized?


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