Encouraging Kids to Be Active

I saw what I considered to be rather rare last night at the track in my local community park: parents very much encouraging their kids to be active. The kids were probably between the ages of 8-12 and mom and dad encouraged the children to run around the track once (it’s a smaller track .25 miles is one lap) and beat the runners (which was myself and boyfriend) before they could play on the playground, which included sprinklers which the kids were very much excited about! The kids did “beat the runners” but let’s keep in mind that the runners have already been on the track for nearly 30 minutes! Normally, I see children slowly walking to the playground while finishing up drinks in McDonald’s cups so this was very much a refreshing change.

Has anyone checked out Target’s Simply Balanced products? I came across them yesterday on a Target run and can’t wait to try what I picked up!


What are your plans for the weekend?

My plans include plenty of relaxing as my next 3 weekends are full of traveling!

  • Put in Bay
  • Cincinnati¬†for a Pirates game
  • Niagara Falls

Have any fun trips coming up?


Enjoy your weekend!


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