Humor at the Track

The local high school track is about a mile from house and I have never gone there alone. For some reason, going alone always freaked me out until now. I finally sucked it up and visited the track on my own and logged my longest run to date.

With my headphones in and my running up started, I was ready to go! Despite the fact it was 85, I was prepared to take on the challenge. Little did I know I’d here and see quite a few interesting things along my run:

  • “Will you go to the prom with me?’ Yep, that’s right at 28 years old I was asked to the prom next year by some kid who had to be no more than 16 years old.
  • Word of advice never wear shorts that say “RAD” on the butt. They are my shorts from the Color Me Rad 5k. They are short and I would never wear them other than for lounging or working out. But oh the comments you’ll get from high school kids. That got my rad butt flying around the track. Personally, I think they should have tried running rather than sitting in the center of the track.
  • A man running in a shirt, dress pants and dress shoes.
  • A women running with a purse, sneakers, and a dress. (all I can think of is the bad prom 5k I just pre-registered for!)

What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen at the track?

Well I’m off to ice and watch the bachelorette. By the way, you know you are dedicated to a 10k program when you have tan lines from your favorite Under Armour tank!

Enjoy your evening!


6 thoughts on “Humor at the Track

  1. I’ve gone to Frick Park quite a few times this summer but I’m always alone, and being on a trail alone freaks me out. Lets just say I’m hyper-aware of my surroundings when I go!
    I’m also rocking some interesting tan lines these days. A criss cross on my back from my sports bra.

  2. Soooo..are you going to prom? 😉 So funny, high schoolers can be pretty entertaining! My husband teaches at our local HS, and comes home with some fantastically funny stories. Good for you getting to the track!

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