Fitness Trends You Want to Try

Happy Monday! I’m exhausted after a late night driving back from the Pirate game in Cincinnati and a very traumatic hotel experience on Saturday night, I am in much need of some rest and relaxation. I don’t even want to relive the hotel nightmare…it was that bad! Have you ever checked into a hotel that was so bad (despite good online reviews) and was an absolutely disgusting nightmare? This girl has and we left within 5 minutes, which then resulted in a couple hour quest to find a hotel with an open room. How was your weekend? Don’t worry there was good parts to this trip…I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

What are some fitness trends (or maybe not even trends but just things that interest you) that you are currently wanting to try?

I have some Beachbody Coach friends on Facebook. Every time I hop on Facebook, I must admit I am somewhat intrigued. Hence, the inspiration for this post. Here are my top 3:

1. Focus T25 from Beachbody. I really enjoy Insanity and would love to give this a try. I am all about getting it done in 25 minutes a day! If it’s quick, effective and challenging, I am more than willing to take on the challenge. Insanity was definitely a challenge.

2. CrossFit. It intrigues me still. However, I feel like I’d be absolutely terrible at it and probably provide anyone watching with good entertainment!
3. Barre. I think it would be plenty of fun to relive my dance days in a way!

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