Things I’m Loving!

It’s probably no secret that I am absolutely addicted to shopping and hunting for great deals. Recently I’ve been getting some amazing deals on cosmetics from Hautelook. Cause, hey you have to look pretty after you sweat, right? Cause trust me I do not glisten when I sweat, I sweat and that’s okay cause I can clean up well (or at least I’d like to think so!).

The Balm Nude Tude Eye Shadow Palette. I paid $18 was $42. I love natural looking eyes and I think this is similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, only this was on sale! The colors last through the entire work day and then some and are very pigmented. Great buy! Would definitely buy again!

Urban decay urban defense tinted moisturizer spf 20

Urban Decay Urban Defense TInted Moisturizer. $5 from $30 is an amazing buy! Great coverage without looking like you are wearing make-up, I love it.


LORAC Ready Set Splash box


Lorac Ready, Set, Splash Eyeliner Set. $10! Waterproof and long lasting, which is something that seems to be very hard to find.


What are some of your favorite beauty products?


Another Long Bike Ride

Happy Monday! What did you all do fun and exciting this weekend?

I’m really taking to this bike riding thing. It’s relaxing, good exercise and often surrounded by great scenery!

My latest bike ride was from Boston to West Newton, PA. Who knew there was a Boston in Pennsylvania? Not me! And I have lived here all of my life! This ride was about 24 miles and went through many small towns that I honestly never knew existed. There were plenty of parks and rest stops along the way. The one thing I found unique about this portion of the trail was that it was practically in some people’s backyards. I’m not sure how I feel about that! The best part about this portion of the trail was food options. There were convenience stores, ice cream places, pizza, a drug store and even a sit down restaurant. After 12 miles, a nice meal is exactly what you need to fuel up for the rest of the trip. I definitely did not eat enough before the first part of the ride and was definitely struggling. It’s amazing how much energy I had after lunch!


For those of you who are bike riders, I have some questions?

What’s your pant/short preference while riding?

What are some good snacks for along the way? I try to pack light!


Everyone Should Eat Waffles and Ice Cream For Lunch

Waffles and ice cream for lunch is the obvious choice, right? Naturally! After a long morning of work and traffic (thank you student move-in days), waffles with ice cream is the absolute perfect fix.

photo (1)


A waffle with chocolate syrup and vanilla bean ice cream!

This was enjoyed while soaking in the sun and watching the incoming freshman try to navigate their way around the city. It’s hard to believe that was me 10 years ago! Where did the time go?

Waffallonia is a cute little stand found in Oakland with some amazingly sweet treats that are affordable.

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What’s the best (well maybe bad for you) thing you’ve eaten on your lunch break lately?

What Not to Eat: Beach Edition

In preparation for a long weekend at the beach in just a few short weeks…cannot wait for one last getaway before summer comes to a close! I love fall…boots, scarves and everything pumpkin….but I am not quite ready for it to be here just yet. Although I am very guilty on starting to stalk up on fall essentials….like plenty of boots! Hautelook anyone? I’ve gotten lots of cute boots, jackets, exercise clothes and make-up perfect for fall…a post to follow on that later.

Now, back to warmer weather. When you are heading to the beach, who doesn’t want to look their best? While doing a lot of reading, I’ve come across a number of foods to avoid for a great bikini-ready stomach. This is perfect since I just purchased two bathing suits yesterday for a total of $20….can’t beat that! Check out your local Macy’s! But anyways here are some foods to avoid before you get that one last week or long weekend in at the beach (I am really jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates!)

1. Salt. Salty potato chips or tortilla chips may seem like the go-to-beach snack. However, high levels of sodium can leave you feeling bloated. Skip the chips and dip next time you head to the beach.

2. Carbonated Beverages. If you are still drinking carbonated beverages (soda or pop whatever you’d like to call it), it’s about time you kick that nasty little habit to the curb or at least start to cut back. All those bubbles can leave you feeling and looking bloated. If you are like me and get sick of drinking plain old water, there are plenty of delicious and fruity flavored waters out there. You can add flavor without adding calories or carbonation!

3. Mixed drinks. Those sugary mixed drinks sure may taste great and be the perfect thing to sip on while relaxing on the beach or even at the pool. However, the fructose levels in these drinks can be very high and leave you feeling very bloated.


What’s the one food you avoid before heading to the beach?

Keep on Planking

Wow it’s August 15th, which means it’s half way through my plank challenge! Let me tell you how it’s going, I am warming up to planks. However, after the first uhh 30 seconds of planks I wanted to give up. If you aren’t used to doing planks, that shaky feeling at first is very hard to shake. It makes you feel like you aren’t as strong as you think you are! However, I am finding this to be a great way to improve core strength. Who knows, maybe I’ll continue planks daily even after this challenge is over.

I definitely can tell that my core is getting stronger and stronger with each and every day of the challenge. Plus, I’ve noticed a decrease in occasional back pain, which is great. Yay for a stronger core!

Maybe I’ll try a side plank challenge neck month! It’s time to tone up those sides.

Side plank exercise


What are your thoughts on planks? Do you love them or hate them?

August Birchbox Review!

Birchbox arrival day is kinda like Christmas, sometimes you never know what you are going to get! All and all I have really been enjoying Birchbox and will be continuing my subscription! If you love trying new products (or you are like me and don’t like to use the same products for long), I highly recommend giving Birchbox a try! To get on the waiting list for a subscription, click here!

Here’s what is in my August 2013 Birchbox:


1. Whish Coconut Milk Correcting Gel. This gel is meant to correct dryness, unevenness and sun damage. It has a light coconut scent. I used this product once and really like it. I’ve previously tried Whish through Hautelook and instantly became a fan! I found this product to be rather smoothing on my skin are a day in the sun.

2. Whish Hair Inhibiting Deodorant Wipes. Another Whish product, yes! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m a new Whish fan so this could be great. This product is a deodorant wipe that is supposed to inhibit hair growth. I feel like this would be a great addition to a gym bag or beach bag. Can’t wait to bring it to Ocean City with me!

3. Violet Oasis 100% Organic Argan Oil. I’ve never used argan oil before. I feel like my hair gets really oily quick so I’m not sure about this in my hair, maybe the tips, but it could be great for dry skin!

4. ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick.  I received this in the color Kitty and it’s a nice soft pink and designed to stay put. I’ve recently gotten more into lipsticks so I’m excited to see if this product holds up! I’m more of a lip gloss girl!

5. Miss Jessie’s hair products. These products are designed to help repair damaged hair. I cannot tell you how excited I am for these. My hair is so dry and so damaged!

Beating the Heat

It seems like the nights and mornings, sometimes even the days have gotten a lot cooler around here, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not hot some of the time. While using a 10k trainer program, I’ve been doing plenty of research on how to beat the heat while working out outdoors. In my opinion, i’d much rather be outdoors while I still can! Most of the year, it seems like we are stuck in doors thanks to cold weather, rain, snow and everything else. Might as well enjoy the outdoor weather as long as you can, right?

Here are some pointers and tips I have come across that I think are extremely useful!

1. Get your workout on early (or late)! Before 6 am or after 8 am is the perfect time to workout and beat a majority of the heat. Before the sunrises or after the sunsets is the perfect time to enjoy a workout minus up to 20 degrees of heat!

2. Opt for activities that come with a built-in-cool even if you are outdoors on a 90 degree day. Think swimming or cycling. Water is refreshing and the breeze you experience while riding a bike is a definite plus. As an added bonus, these exercises are low impact– you’ll be giving your body a break as well!

3. Expose some skin. The more skin you expose the cooler you will feel! Exposing skin allows heat to more quickly escape the body. Shorts and a sports bra, anyone? If you aren’t comfortable bearing it all in a sports bra, opt for a moisture-wicking tank top.

Speaking of workout clothes, I just scored some awesome and very cheap workout clothes on HauteLook (up to 75% off!) Marika for $9, I think so! Check it out, here

What are your tips for working out in the heat?

Where do you go for cheap, awesome workout clothes?

Let’s end with a little motivation, shall we?

Get more fitness motivation here