August Plank Challenge!

I have selected my challenge! August is going to be the month of the plank challenge! That’s a whole lot of enthusiasm for an exercise I really can’t stand. Not liking planks is the main reason I have selected this challenge…if it were fun and easy, I don’t think it can be considered a challenge. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be loving planks (but I am prepared for the possibility that I may even hate them more.

Day 1 was not so bad, I can handle 20 seconds of a plank even if I don’t really like the exercise…the longest plank I have ever done is 1 minute and trust me I did not enjoy it. Although the one thing I did find helpful was to play a song I really like while I’m doing it. A minute of your favorite song should seem pretty quick, right? Sorta!

What are your thoughts on planks?

Are you partaking in any Pinterest-like challenges this month?

30 Day Plank Challenge


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