Julep Maven Box Review

Lately, I just can’t get enough of subscription services. I’m testing them out and absolutely am loving what I am finding! Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that provides you with nail polish and other beauty care items. You get three items in your month each box for $19.99, which is typically more than I’d like to spend on a subscription box a month, but the nail polish is well worth the cost!

This the second Julep Maven box I have received. The introduction box included two nail polishes and a cuticle cream. Often times, you can find codes for a free first box online so be on the look out for them! In this months box, I received two nail polishes and foot friction stick (it’s much like Bandaids blister block, which I love). Overall, I really love the nail polishes. They are in beautiful colors and are very long lasting. I got about 7 days without chipping, which is extremely impressive in my book. I haven’t tried the friction block stick yet, but I am very excited about that.

The other thing I really like about Julep is you can change your style. If one month you are feeling boho, you can get that box and the next you can go classic! The only thing that I have concerns with is the fact that I may never be able to use all this nail polish I’m getting especially since it is really great quality. However, I’ll definitely be sticking around to get some great fall nail colors.

I’d highly recommend trying out Julep for yourself. Click here.

Here’s a look inside my box:

photo (6) photo (5) photo (4)


What subscription services have you tried?


*This is not a paid review. I subscribed to this service on my own and this is just my personal opinion of the products!


3 thoughts on “Julep Maven Box Review

  1. I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx great blog

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