One Long Bike Ride

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I’ve been on a bike twice in probably the last 15 years. The first ride I took was a few weeks ago and that ride was about 12 miles. The second ride I took was yesterday and that was a 34 mile bike ride, which I am extremely proud of myself for completing. Despite the fact I am a little on the sore side today, it was lots of fun with lots of beautiful scenery.

photo (7) photo (8)


For those of you who are regular bike riders, I have a couple of questions for you:

1. What type of pants/shorts do you normally wear when biking? I cannot seem to find the appropriate attire for this activity!

2. Is back and knee pain typical after biking? I always associated and have been taught that biking is a low impact exercise.


3 thoughts on “One Long Bike Ride

  1. Did you bike at Ohiopyle?! I love it there… so gorgeous!

    I think some back/knee pain is expected after cycling because of the way you sit and if you’re not used to it or if you don’t have your own custom-fitted bike, you know?

    When I cycle I either wear crop yoga capris or looong shorts haha

  2. 1. Depends on the purpose and length of the ride. Just for fun and/or long trips I usually wear cycling shorts (with pads). They are worth it because it regular underwear has seams that really start to hurt after a while. Plus they help with keeping the sweating from getting out of control in the nether regions, which is nice =)

    2. No. It’s not normal to have knee pain and means your bike is not fit properly to you. The seat is too high or too low. And/or it is too far forward or backward. Back pain is likely caused because of the handlebars being incorrect for you. They may also be at the wrong angle or too far away or too close to you. Or, the type of bars might be wrong. For example, I can do flat / mountain bike handlebars just fine. But as soon as you give me road bars, my back hurts really bad.

    Soreness is normal and expected. But you should never be in any PAIN.

    Also, make sure to stretch afterwards! I’m always in more pain after if I forget to follow that rule.

    Keep riding!! =)

  3. Omygosh! I miss having a bike sooo much!! I haven’t ridden one in years after mine got stolen. But as a younger gal I used to ride it evvverywhere. Now, that would definitely be harder to do here in southern cali, but if I ever get one in the near future I’d probably be on it as often as I can.

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