Beating the Heat

It seems like the nights and mornings, sometimes even the days have gotten a lot cooler around here, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not hot some of the time. While using a 10k trainer program, I’ve been doing plenty of research on how to beat the heat while working out outdoors. In my opinion, i’d much rather be outdoors while I still can! Most of the year, it seems like we are stuck in doors thanks to cold weather, rain, snow and everything else. Might as well enjoy the outdoor weather as long as you can, right?

Here are some pointers and tips I have come across that I think are extremely useful!

1. Get your workout on early (or late)! Before 6 am or after 8 am is the perfect time to workout and beat a majority of the heat. Before the sunrises or after the sunsets is the perfect time to enjoy a workout minus up to 20 degrees of heat!

2. Opt for activities that come with a built-in-cool even if you are outdoors on a 90 degree day. Think swimming or cycling. Water is refreshing and the breeze you experience while riding a bike is a definite plus. As an added bonus, these exercises are low impact– you’ll be giving your body a break as well!

3. Expose some skin. The more skin you expose the cooler you will feel! Exposing skin allows heat to more quickly escape the body. Shorts and a sports bra, anyone? If you aren’t comfortable bearing it all in a sports bra, opt for a moisture-wicking tank top.

Speaking of workout clothes, I just scored some awesome and very cheap workout clothes on HauteLook (up to 75% off!) Marika for $9, I think so! Check it out, here

What are your tips for working out in the heat?

Where do you go for cheap, awesome workout clothes?

Let’s end with a little motivation, shall we?

Get more fitness motivation here



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