Another Long Bike Ride

Happy Monday! What did you all do fun and exciting this weekend?

I’m really taking to this bike riding thing. It’s relaxing, good exercise and often surrounded by great scenery!

My latest bike ride was from Boston to West Newton, PA. Who knew there was a Boston in Pennsylvania? Not me! And I have lived here all of my life! This ride was about 24 miles and went through many small towns that I honestly never knew existed. There were plenty of parks and rest stops along the way. The one thing I found unique about this portion of the trail was that it was practically in some people’s backyards. I’m not sure how I feel about that! The best part about this portion of the trail was food options. There were convenience stores, ice cream places, pizza, a drug store and even a sit down restaurant. After 12 miles, a nice meal is exactly what you need to fuel up for the rest of the trip. I definitely did not eat enough before the first part of the ride and was definitely struggling. It’s amazing how much energy I had after lunch!


For those of you who are bike riders, I have some questions?

What’s your pant/short preference while riding?

What are some good snacks for along the way? I try to pack light!



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