How to Avoid Office Munchies!

If you are work in an office, like me, it can often be hard to avoid the donuts, cookies, cakes, chips and other snacks that seem to pop up multiple times per week. My desk happens to be very close to were everyone leaves their cupcakes, brownies and other goodies. As a result, it is a must to practice self-control.

Cookies, candies and cupcakes do not to have to become a staple of your office eating.

Here are my tips for handling the goodies that are likely to pop up at your workplace at any given time:

  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t overindulge. Have a cookie, a few pieces of candy or a piece of cake and do not hesitate to enjoy it. Not eating it will make you want it even more; this can lead to overindulgence later on.
  • Bring your own snacks. Try to have a protein bar or a cup of yogurt with you at work. This can help you to fight cravings on days that you really have the munchies. Having a healthy snack, that you enjoy on hand can prevent you from searching the office kitchen for an unhealthy treat.
  • Keep the snacks out of sight if possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Offer to put the leftovers away. Your co-workers are likely to really appreciate the fact that you are willing to clean up the office. It’s much easier to avoid temptation if you do not have a giant plate of cookies sitting within your site.
  • Bring in a health dish. Offices often hold potluck lunches. Sign-up to bring a healthy dish so you know there is at least one healthy option you can enjoy. Fruit salads, hummus and vegetables or whole wheat crackers with cheese are great options.

What are your go-to, healthy office snacks?



Review: OrganiGrowth Protein Powder

Hey everyone! Time for a protein powder review. When the lovely people of OrganiGrowth asked me if I wanted to review their protein powder, I was more than happy too and definitely excited too!


When this package of Vanilla Protein Powder showed up at my door, I was very intrigued. First off, I have never used a protein powder that was not chocolate (yes, I have a major sweet tooth!). Second, I have never tried a protein powder that was made strictly of organic ingredients.

Here’s a little about OrganiGrowth:

Our mission was to create a great tasting whey protein powder made from the highest quality ingredients for professional and amateur athletes. Today, most products are processed, loaded with synthetic and toxic chemicals, or grown with unhealthy fertilizers. So we took it upon ourselves to create the healthiest nutritional supplement on the market using nothing but Organic ingredients.

And just like that, OrganiGrowth was born. The first Certified Organic, high protein, low carb, and low calorie protein powder made by athletes for athletes. Whether you are looking to get in shape and build lean muscle or need a nutritious snack in between meals, OrganiGrowth is the ideal product.


With 150 calories per serving, I was eager to see what I could do with this protein powder. For the past two weeks, I have been experimenting with this protein powder. I’ve done a little bit of everything with it! I’ve made shakes/smoothies, made my own protein bars, sprinkled it in a cup of coffee and even added it to what I like to call “healthy cookies.”

Here’s what I noticed:

1. It takes great…as a girl who loves chocolate…I absolutely loved the taste of it. I really enjoyed the vanilla flavor; especially when I added it too coffee. It was a great way to add a little flavoring to your morning cup of coffee.

2. It dissolved easily. When mixing OrganiGrowth in liquid drinks, it dissolved very easily and was not gritty.

3. It kept me full. Isn’t that one of the most important things about protein? But seriously though, I’ve had plenty of powders and protein bars and whatnot that did not fill me up.

4. It was very easy to bake with.

5. I like the fact that it is organic. I do not eat all organic foods, but the fact that this product was organic was an added bonus. Upon reviewing the facts on OrganiGrowth’s website, it was great to know what this product contained no artificial sweeteners and ingredients. It’s also gluten free.

Overall, I feel like sometimes it can be hard to describe how much you like a protein powder. Sometimes you just need to try it for yourself. I’d highly recommend OrganiGrowth to anyone who uses protein powder whether organic products are important to you or not. After using an organic protein powder, I think it is something that I would stick with!

*I was not compensated for this review. I did however receive complimentary OrganiGrowth protein powder. My opinion of this product is solely mine!

Eating Clean on a Budget

Does eating clean really have to be over-the-top extensive? It’s a common misconception that eating clean has to cost an arm and a leg. In reality, anyone can eat clean. Whether you are a college student or on a limited budget, eating clean does not mean you have to sacrifice your health. You can eat clean even if you are living on more of a dollar menu budget.

Here are tips for eating clean on a budget:

You do not have to purchase all organic produce. Eating all organic produce can quickly become costly. Instead of spending all of your money on organic produce, opt to buy the produce items that are often highest in pesticides organic. These items include:

  1. Peaches

  2. Apples

  3. Celery

  4. Bell Peppers

  5. Nectarines

  6. Strawberries

  7. Pears

  8. Cherries

  9. Grapes

  10. Spinach

  11. Lettuce

  12. Potatoes

Engage in a little couponing. It never hurts to clip coupons. Few people take the time to clip coupons. However, the time spent clipping coupons is definitely worth it. While you are not likely to find a whole lot of coupons for fresh food items, look for coupons for individual stores that will take a certain percentage or dollar amount off of your entire order to save money. Also, be sure to check out Whole Foods website. They offer a wide variety of coupons on items that can help you stick with eating clean.

You can buy fresh meat in bulk! You may not need an entire chicken at once, but it is often cheaper to purchase the entire bird instead of just part of it. You have the option of preparing food for the week or you can freeze the parts of the chicken that you are not using and defrost it when you are ready to cook with chicken again. Remember, chicken isn’t that only type of meat that this will work for!

Spend less time eating out. Instead of going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, stay in and make your food. Spend the time and money at home preparing meals. You can get so much more food for the price of one meal at your favorite restaurant.

Purchase produce in season. If you purchase out of season produce, you are going to pay a lot more for it. Stick with what is in season, just think how good it will take when some of your favorite produce finally comes in season again.

Buy generic when you can. However, before you do this be sure to check the label to ensure the same quality as the name brand produce.


What Not to Eat: Beach Edition

In preparation for a long weekend at the beach in just a few short weeks…cannot wait for one last getaway before summer comes to a close! I love fall…boots, scarves and everything pumpkin….but I am not quite ready for it to be here just yet. Although I am very guilty on starting to stalk up on fall essentials….like plenty of boots! Hautelook anyone? I’ve gotten lots of cute boots, jackets, exercise clothes and make-up perfect for fall…a post to follow on that later.

Now, back to warmer weather. When you are heading to the beach, who doesn’t want to look their best? While doing a lot of reading, I’ve come across a number of foods to avoid for a great bikini-ready stomach. This is perfect since I just purchased two bathing suits yesterday for a total of $20….can’t beat that! Check out your local Macy’s! But anyways here are some foods to avoid before you get that one last week or long weekend in at the beach (I am really jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates!)

1. Salt. Salty potato chips or tortilla chips may seem like the go-to-beach snack. However, high levels of sodium can leave you feeling bloated. Skip the chips and dip next time you head to the beach.

2. Carbonated Beverages. If you are still drinking carbonated beverages (soda or pop whatever you’d like to call it), it’s about time you kick that nasty little habit to the curb or at least start to cut back. All those bubbles can leave you feeling and looking bloated. If you are like me and get sick of drinking plain old water, there are plenty of delicious and fruity flavored waters out there. You can add flavor without adding calories or carbonation!

3. Mixed drinks. Those sugary mixed drinks sure may taste great and be the perfect thing to sip on while relaxing on the beach or even at the pool. However, the fructose levels in these drinks can be very high and leave you feeling very bloated.


What’s the one food you avoid before heading to the beach?

Off Track

How was everyone’s weekend (Yes, I know it’s Tuesday!). I extended my weekend by taking Monday off and heading to Put-In-Bay, which is in Lake Erie off of the coast of Sandusky Ohio (Cedar Point area). Pictures to follow later.

Put-In-Bay is kinda like the Key West of the North. Lots of bars, swim-up bars, pools, good food, lots of sweets and of lots of fun. Lobster, french fries, sundaes, milk shakes and of course an alcoholic beverage or two ….or maybe a few more. I’ll tell you nothing is more relaxing than chilling in a pool with a pina colada in hand. However, all the fun throws healthy eating and exercising out of the window for the weekend. And now it is time to get back on track. To help make it a little easier, I’ve been browsing for some healthy snacks! Here’s what I’ve found:

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I’ve also been on a mission to find a delicious and easy-to-make protein shake. I found this on Pinterest and think it is definitely worthy of trying:

Chocolate Banana Berry Protein Shake-

  • 12 ounces of water
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1 banana
  • 1 ounce of fresh berries
  • 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

I’m also tempted to add a little spinach. Any thoughts on that?


Where do you go for a weekend getaway?

What’s your number one track for getting back to healthy living?

What’s your favorite protein shake recipe?