How to Avoid Office Munchies!

If you are work in an office, like me, it can often be hard to avoid the donuts, cookies, cakes, chips and other snacks that seem to pop up multiple times per week. My desk happens to be very close to were everyone leaves their cupcakes, brownies and other goodies. As a result, it is a must to practice self-control.

Cookies, candies and cupcakes do not to have to become a staple of your office eating.

Here are my tips for handling the goodies that are likely to pop up at your workplace at any given time:

  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t overindulge. Have a cookie, a few pieces of candy or a piece of cake and do not hesitate to enjoy it. Not eating it will make you want it even more; this can lead to overindulgence later on.
  • Bring your own snacks. Try to have a protein bar or a cup of yogurt with you at work. This can help you to fight cravings on days that you really have the munchies. Having a healthy snack, that you enjoy on hand can prevent you from searching the office kitchen for an unhealthy treat.
  • Keep the snacks out of sight if possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Offer to put the leftovers away. Your co-workers are likely to really appreciate the fact that you are willing to clean up the office. It’s much easier to avoid temptation if you do not have a giant plate of cookies sitting within your site.
  • Bring in a health dish. Offices often hold potluck lunches. Sign-up to bring a healthy dish so you know there is at least one healthy option you can enjoy. Fruit salads, hummus and vegetables or whole wheat crackers with cheese are great options.

What are your go-to, healthy office snacks?



10 am Tummy Growls

Good Morning! Any Bachelorette fans? What would you have done in the Jame’s situation? I think I definitely would have sent him home. I don’t know what I’d be happy keeping a guy around that was looking for essentially a back-up plan if things didn’t work out with me.

Is anyone else like me in the fact that they are starving (despite eating breakfast) come 9:30-10am at work? And nothing is worse than your stomach growling in the middle of a meeting right? What are your favorite morning snacks to help prevent those awful and often embarrassing tummy growls?

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Clif  Bar

2. Yogurt

3. Mixed Nuts

4, Berries

5, Hummus and Pretzels

6, Nutella and Wheat Toast

30 Day Squat Challenge Day 2!

squat challenge

So far so good! But then again I have only completed 105 squats in the past two days and still have a very long way to go to complete this challenge! With a relatively weak lower body, I feel this is a great challenge for me!  This is the perfect way to increase leg strength while improving overall fitness at the same time.